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Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun S3G Hybrid AR-15 Trigger .154"

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Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun S3G Hybrid AR-15 Trigger .154"
Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun S3G Hybrid AR-15 Trigger .154"
Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun S3G Hybrid AR-15 Trigger .154"
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Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun S3G Hybrid AR-15 Trigger .154"
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The Geissele S3G trigger installs in your lower receiver in the same way that a Mil-Spec trigger is installed. It uses a standard .154” trigger and hammer pin so it will fit in any Mil-Spec stripped lower receiver. It features a curved trigger bow that gives you optimum trigger control and ergonomics. Not only does it work in 5.56 or .223 AR-15 rifles, but it works in .308 AR-10 pattern rifles. Each trigger is precision EDM wire cut from heavy duty tool steel with a durable black finish giving you the reliability and durability you can depend on.


  • Uses Mil-Spec .154” trigger pins for maximum compatibility with lower receivers
  • Works with 5.56/.223 and .308 AR pattern rifles
  • Designed as a 3 gun competition trigger
  • Smooth, consistent hybrid trigger pull
  • Includes one 3.25lb spring and one 4lb spring
  • EDM wire cut from heavy duty tool S7 tool steel
  • Features a curved trigger bow for increased ergonomics

Note: Trigger pull weights are approximate and may vary slightly between rifles.

When building or upgrading your AR-15 rifle, one of the most important components is the trigger. There are many triggers out there so you must ask yourself what are you are going to do with the rifle. Are you going to use it for plinking at the range, home defense, competition, or long-range precision shooting? The answer of this question will help you to understand what trigger you will need. The Geissele Super 3 Gun (S3G) Trigger is designed specifically for competition use where fast follow-up shot and quick target acquisition are required. It features a hybrid single stage trigger that maintains the safety and reliability of a two-stage trigger while still being extremely light and smooth. It has a short pull and quick reset making it easy to shoot your semi-automatic rifle fast. This model comes with one 3.25lb trigger spring and one 4lb trigger spring so you can customize it to your preference. Drop this trigger in your 3 gun competition rifle and you will immediately see a drop in your time during a stage.

Geissele Automatics manufactures confidence, offering quality triggers and components for the warfighter and competitor. They were established in 2004 with the mission to build the highest quality, reliable triggers for competition and their first trigger, the Hi-Speed National Match trigger, was so popular that they were asked by the Department of Defense to produce a select-fire trigger for the United States Special Operations. Again, it was a success and Geissele decided to bring a semi-automatic version to the civilian market for law enforcement and personal protection.


  • Adjustable: Non-Adjustable
  • Brand: Geissele Automatics
  • Color: Black
  • Drop In: Standard Assembly
  • Manufacturer: Geissele Automatics
  • Platform: AR-15/AR-308
  • Total Pull Weight: 3.5 lbs or 4.5 lbs
  • Trigger Bow: Curved
  • Type: Single Stage

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